British photographer Rebecca Litchfield has dedicated her latest book to the abandoned structures left behind after the fall of the Soviet Union.

The haunting pictures show schools, train stations, and even entire cities that have been completely deserted.

Photos of Deserted Soviet Infrastructure are Totally Haunting

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Sculptor Andy Yoder spent two years building this amazing world globe out of thousands of individually-painted matchsticks. One by one, Yoder attached the hand-painted matches with wood glue to a frame constructed out of a mix of foam and cardboard inside a plywood skeleton.

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I wonder if someone sets it on fire. Now I can really hardly wait to watch the world burn ;)


The world’s most beautiful sustainable font by Ryman Eco. 

Evolution of the Bicycle from Visual Artwork on Vimeo.


The evolution of the bicycle by Visual Artwork.

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Marquesina a tiempo real.

Para presentar una nueva gama de productos de Apolosophy, Apotek ha creado una marquesina en el metro que va a tiempo real, donde interactúa la makina con el propio metro. Una ejecución muy bien llevada y sincronizada.

This is actually pretty awesome!!! :) 


Koni Black by RodrigoTypo.

Get it here:

Very lovely font, plus they have cyrillic :) Might be useful someday.

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